Exploring the Beauty of Rodin: High Museum’s Art Exhibit

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Attention: Have you ever wanted to get up close and personal with the works of Auguste Rodin? Now’s your chance! The High Museum of Art is excited to present an exclusive exhibit that celebrates the French master sculptor’s work.

Interest: From iconic statues to delicate sketches, you’ll be taken on a journey through Rodin’s life and art. Explore a trove of more than 100 sculptures, drawings, prints, and paintings that span his entire career. Learn about the diverse influences that shaped Rodin’s work over time, from classic Renaissance sculpture to modern-day movements in French art.

Desire: Get an in-depth look at some of his greatest creations such as The Thinker, The Kiss, Balzac and many more. Plus admire several never-before seen pieces that have rarely been displayed in public before.

Action: Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity! Visit the High Museum of Art today to immerse yourself in a once-in-a-lifetime exhibition featuring the works of one of history’s greatest artists – Auguste Rodin!

High Museum’s Rodin Exhibit Has Strong Jewish Roots – Atlanta Jewish Times


Rodin, a renowned sculptor of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, captivated the world with his innovative and emotionally charged artworks. His masterpieces continue to inspire and intrigue art enthusiasts across the globe. Recently, the High Museum has unveiled an exceptional art exhibit dedicated to exploring the beauty of Rodin’s creations. This remarkable showcase offers a unique opportunity for visitors to delve into the fascinating world of one of history’s greatest sculptors.

The exhibit showcases a wide range of Rodin’s sculptures, highlighting his ability to capture human emotion and movement through bronze and marble. From his iconic piece “The Thinker” to lesser-known works like “The Kiss,” visitors can witness Rodin’s mastery in creating lifelike representations that evoke profound emotions.

Here is a list of some captivating sculptures featured in this exhibit:

1. “The Thinker

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Perhaps one of Rodin’s most recognizable works, this sculpture depicts a seated man lost in thought, with his hand supporting his chin. Its introspective nature invites viewers to reflect on their own contemplations.

2. “The Kiss

The Kiss welcomes art lovers

This passionate sculpture portrays two lovers locked in an intimate embrace. The artist skillfully captures their raw emotions, showcasing love in its purest form.

3. “The Gates of Hell

Pin en Auguste Rodin By Adam Fire

Originally intended as the entrance for a museum, this monumental piece astounds with its intricate details and complex narrative, depicting various figures from Dante’s Divine Comedy.

4. “Eternal Springtime

Auguste Rodin – L’Eternal Printemps (Eternal Springtime) | Auguste rodin, Rodin museum, Rodin

This delicate sculpture symbolizes youth and beauty through the depiction of two intertwined lovers embracing each other while nature blossoms around them.

5. “Balzac

Balzac par Auguste RODIN (1840-1917) en 1898, figure monumentale en plâtre. Musée d’Orsay, Paris …

An homage to French writer Honoré de Balzac, this sculpture stands as an embodiment of strength and determination while reflecting the artist’s fascination with capturing character through physical form.

In addition to these awe-inspiring sculptures, the exhibit also incorporates interactive elements, allowing visitors to gain deeper insights into Rodin’s creative process. Through multimedia presentations and informative displays, individuals can grasp the artist’s techniques, influences, and the historical context surrounding his works.

In summary, the High Museum’s art exhibit dedicated to exploring the beauty of Rodin offers an extraordinary experience for art lovers. With a diverse collection of sculptures showcasing Rodin’s exceptional talent in capturing human emotion and movement, visitors are invited to immerse themselves in the captivating world of this legendary sculptor. From iconic pieces like “The Thinker” to lesser-known gems such as “Eternal Springtime,” this exhibit celebrates Rodin’s profound impact on the art world while providing an opportunity for personal reflection and appreciation.

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